About Bow Wow Penis Pictures That Hit The Net

After hearing about Bow Wow penis hitting the internet I had to find out the scoop, and here’s the story:

Whoever is trying to pass off a picture of a duo toned penis as belonging to Bow Wow should be condemned to eternal damnation. Not that I am a fan of Shad Moss or anything.

You ruined my day. Now you must pay. By the powers invested in me by the Georgia State Board of Creoles I sentence you to Doom!

I’m still not sure which made me more angry, the fact that my gun shot wound to the head was self inflicted (I knew what I was getting myself into when I clicked that link yet I still did it) or that I was expecting more meat to be presented on the platter.

Accompanying the self snapshot (boy, whoever you are, you so skilled) was a long seedy story about the writer’s sexual encounter with Omarion’s scalp greaser that made me so upset I thought it knocked my period on.

Just, no.


3 Responses to “About Bow Wow Penis Pictures That Hit The Net”

  1. I really enjoy reading your articles. thanks for sharing information

  2. myk says:

    Here’s what is wrong with people today. You’re probably under aged cause anyone over 16 is way over the bow wow fad. Shad Moss retired music and only do a movie “that mostly no one goes to see” just so he wouldn’t become poor from flipping burgers. NOW, you said before clicking the site that you knew it was fake. Then why all the bitching on here that you’re upset that it isn’t real or the dick wasn’t longer? Newsflash here cause YOU like how someone looks doesn’t automatically mean that they have 10″ to 15″ swinging between their legs. That’s called fantasy and usually fantasy is 99.9% fake! There must be a reason that this picture is the only one of Shad which isn’t real but Chris Brown has a site of his real dick, and other celebrities show their stuff on other sites. Get it? Shad don’t have a big dick! in fact if it wasn’t for his money from his younger years of singing he wouldn’t get laid that much if at all cause even you “you rather die to admit it but” if he wanted you YES you hop on his dick so fast his head would spin but afterwords you’ll try the relationship thing mainly to get in his house and bank, and if that don’t work you’ll happen to get pregnant and swair it his to get child support from him.

  3. mylvinomisol says:

    The poser should be stoned to death. It is completely a scam and ruined the image of Bow Wow.
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