Floyd Mayweather Security Guard Attack Caught On Video

Floyd is caught on tape assaulting a security guard at the gate of his home

It all went down Sunday December 19 around 4 AM — when Floyd drove up to the main gate and the security guard asked him for I.D. 

That’s when Mayweather went ballistic — screaming, “Let me in my mother f**king house!!! You know who I am man … let me in my house!!!”

Mayweather continues, “Stop giving me a hard time … you don’t give Maloof a hard time … you don’t ask him for ID when he comes.”

During his tantrum — Floyd also references a prior incident with security in which the boxer was accused of battering one of the guards during a parking dispute … saying, “I had a problem here before when the security lied and said I touched him and I didn’t!”

Floyd eventually got out of the car, went into the guard shack and opened the gate himself.

The tape has been turned over to cops — and the footage may be used in the battery case to show Floyd has it in for the guards.

YouTube Preview ImageNow in the hood we might call this a well deserved cuss out but it’s still considered assault..


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