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HipHopHoney.com has been around since the 90’s. Establishing the name into now a brand in multiple arenas. In it’s earlier days it was the place to view all the news and all the ladies of interest for as urban media. At that time achieving 2 to 3 million people a month in viewership.

Assisting ladies in getting every opportunity possible in the world of hip hop, also crossing into mainstream. Was only one vision of the owners of hip hop honey. The over all vision was to give a platform to propel the career for the aspiring models, aspiring dancers, aspiring actress and all of goals to be in the entertainment industry.

Now that time has caught up with HipHopHoney we are presenting the chance of a life time for the Best of the Best of hip hop honeys. Getting them into castings, magazines and showing them how to make increase their online revenue. No matter what that is.

Placing you on the site starts you to be picked by a major network for a reality show that will increase your career of entertainment and give you the shot you never had before. Including Cash, and Prizes. Claiming you as the top hip hop honey.

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