T.I. Cheating On Tiny With Hoopz

Now we all know about the past relationship that T.I. & Hoopz had, and now out of no where she just shows up, and front row. Listen to whole break down.TINY SPEAKS ON T.I. & HOOPZ RUMOR
First This article: Tameka “Tiny” Cottle went on the Ryan Cameron show on V-103 yesterday to set the record straight on rumors that she had words with Hoopz at Nelly’s party at the Fox Sport Grill Monday night.

According to Kool J, Tiny told Ryan she loved T.I. “very, very much” then she retracted her statement saying, “I can’t wear my emotions on my sleeve.” She said she hadn’t spoken to T.I. since Monday night at the bar. Tiny recounted how she “ended up being [at Fox Sports Grill] at the same time” T.I. and his companion Hoopz were there. She also talked about the reason behind the breakup of Xscape and possibly trying out for a role in a new movie with Steven Segal.

Now The Recent T.I. & Hoopz Spotting

TI was a special guest on the Mo’Nique Show last night along with Michael Ealy and producer Will Packer. While there, TI talked about his prison bid, his new movie Takers and his relationship with Tiny.

“With us it goes without saying. We have an understanding. A bond where we ain’t got to say it. She ain’t got to say “I got you”, [cause] I already know. And I ain’t got to say “I got you” because she already know”

My sister, who doesn’t miss anything EVER, hit me up midway through his interview and says:

Did you just see Hoopz sitting in the front row? What the f*ck TI got hoopz sitting in the audience for? Like BET being messy too. Why her azz wasn’t sitting backstage?
O_O I missed it! I was too busy gazing in Michael Ealy’s sea blue eyes to notice who was sitting in the audience but it’s interesting that Hoopz was there. Back in the day, TI was spotted in different cities with Hoopz and Tiny also did a radio interview where she talked about catching TI and Hoopz together at Fox Sports Grille. messssy

Shout To Necole For This Mess


5 Responses to “T.I. Cheating On Tiny With Hoopz”

  1. chick says:

    ti deserves a humanitarian award for messing with tiny.i’v e always said everything mixed aint cute and tiny is proof and truth to that! All her mama got for messing around with a old black man is a ugly child. Ti,hoopz is a man! did u see her on flavor of love,she was harder than flav! balled on the court harder and walked harder. Tiny should move on while she’s got money because if shes ever broke she will grow old ugly and lonely by herself.

  2. e.bionic says:

    ti needs an intervention d dude is addicted 2 ugly women

  3. DaynaDayne says:

    From what i hear t.i. has a little dick girls in the ATL know that shit if it wasn’t for his money he probably wouldn’t get the hoes he has anyway

  4. ?BICTHES GET A CLUE? says:


  5. t.i is king mo'foes says:

    fuk all yall tip can like whoeva he wants he is greata den all u haters will eva be combined so u can suk his n my dik

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